I remember this old song ”The everyday things tell secrets to those who know how to look and listen … to make a table it takes a flower” You create everything with a flower … but you need love to manage doing anything.

Production of unique Items

The creative process of ManuFaktory develops inside the studio where much of the design becomes production of prototypes and small editions of unique items. Our philosophy is opposed to the dynamics and consequences of the industrial process: designing the single product, producing it, packing it, distributing it in stores, customers choosing one among many, buying it, using it then trashing it. ManuFaktory refuses the flattening of companies that catalogs reality as anonymous and undifferentiated and reaffirms the uniqueness of the human being and his choices: human beings cannot and should not be reduced to machines , nor become passive recipients of marketing strategies or social labels. ManuFaktory operates so that the refusal of a production process can become the resource for another, thus avoiding to overload the system of discarded objects. The laboratory will be not only a showcase of our work but it wants to became a space where experiences, ideas, meetings, collaboration and sharing will converge converge in order to create new creative ideas.

Making It a reality

ManuFaktory is a creative workshop created to give life to your ideas. ManuFaktory designs, develops, assembles, re-invents uses, functions and aesthetics in a sort of continuous brainstorming. The creative process of the laboratory never follows a defined process: starting with the idea and then choosing materials or vice versa, where ideas come from the materials or the space available. We give new value and meaning to objects, recovering waste materials, giving them a new identity and function, but not only … your ideas will become a reality! Exactly as you wanted it, or helping you to define your ideas, transforming them into design objects, durable and beautiful. By combining the artisan development with productive systems of the latest generation, ManuFaktory creates unique objects. Since the creation of the first table, the idea has grown to such an extent as to include the design of green areas and the restructuring of cult items like the beetle, the shark DS and the good old 500, which can be rented for weddings and photo shoots.

Atelier for Young Designers

ManuFaktory is not only production but it also supports young designers, aiming to become a kind of creative space open to innovation and creativity for young talents who otherwise would have no way nor opportunity to realize their ideas. ManuFaktory wants to represent the natural place for any young designer with a sustainable soul and innovative spirit, the place where the aspirations, visions and dreams are translated into reality. An open laboratory to enable young people, who cultivate professional artistic aspirations, to take advantage of an organized structure, to experiment with new design models, involving different skills so that the result is a mix of multiple points of view, to indicate possible paths of innovation, providing information on research methods and design, materials and technologies.