Manuela Panzeri

Creative Steel

“As it often happens with the most beautiful adventures of life, this journey began by chance”. Tiziano Terzani

Steelmaking, nature and design are being rediscovered as parts of a single element, the children of mother Earth.

We are what we do, ManuFaktory creative Steel is environmentally friendly, as opposed to the inevitability of the life cycle imposed to objects by industrial production processes. Our creations are one example of a perfect synthesis of smart materials and design aesthetic, for products that systematically avoids waste, eliminating it.

The idea of recycling waste from the processing cycle, by reusing space and industrial know-how to create objects of different scope and nature, was initially born from practical needs, or the necessity to buy furniture and objects with a small budget without compromises on quality, aesthetics and ethics.

ManuFaktory is synergy between innovation and tradition, factory and nature, instinct and rationality, passion and practical sense; a creative workshop for the production of furniture and design objects made of materials with a new meaning. The creative process behind the creation of pieces is far from obvious: if, usually, an idea leads to the creation of an object, it can happen that it is the materials themselves to suggest new products . The creative input can come from the laboratory but also from the outside in case anyone wants to realize their vision. In this case ManuFaktory provides the know-how necessary without putting limitations if not the ethics of the materials used. We propose ourselves as a workshop for young designers, an ideal place to realize ideas and offering them at budget price on the market, independently.

Our philosophy is strongly opposed to the standardization of products, as they each express their own personality in everyday life so our pieces reflect the originality and eclecticism of those who think and those who create them. We mix and remix different materials and we workonly with small realities following our same ethic.

Design-Recycling-Saving in a single product.