“Today’s economy is forcing people to work at a scary pace, in order to produce useless things, for the most part, which will force others into working to buy them, because this is what gives money to multinational corporations and large enterprises, but this does not give people happiness”Cit. Tiziano Terzani

“Let’s store it … it could be useful! “It was the philosophy of our grandmothers, those who do not threw anything away because maybe, one day, that thing could have come in handy. Each drawer was a mine of junk, but at the right time there was always the object suitable for reuse. Our grandmothers did it because they were grown in difficult times, when it was not easy to have new things and each item was treated with care and sparingly because it would last long, and even when it ceased its use, it could always be used to make something different. Today we find ourselves re-evaluating this philosophy for reasons exactly opposite: we have such a high volume of new objects, disposable, low-cost, that we do not reuse anything, as we stand day after day inundated with mountains of waste. The emergency related to their disposal puts us in front of a live issue, we need a radical change of perspective, starting to think according to the philosophy of creative recycling.

The current market has moved away from the concept of uniqueness and durability of the goods and it doens’t offer design and quality at affordable prices. The choice of material often goes against any environmental and / or ethical policy. Recycling is not just the waste separation, recycling is a lifestyle, a way of being. ManuFaktory firmly believes in creating objects with a soul and the eco-friendly philosophy of the laboratory can be expressed essentially in 1 word: reinventing. The goal is to reduce waste where possible restructuring and reinventing, through a virtuous circle of Re-Design & Re-Use.

Nowadays producing products that are not strictly necessary is useless and harmful. The underlying philosophy of ManuFaktory strongly supports the decrease of industrial production. We believe in slow life and this sensitivity has led us to critically analyze and rethink work and industrial production processes. We create or reinvent pieces needed, sustainable, durable and most importantly, beautiful. Reuse by recycling waste from industrial processing to make different products, from everyday objects to installations and works of art, mixing different materials regardless of genre. We recover in a creative way, a practice brought to art that expresses itself by returning unused objects to life, giving them a new form or just watching them from a different and unusual perspective. It’s all about creating a new relationship with the objects, learning to separate them from their main function and observe them looking for their potential. This is to challenge the common sense of valuing objects, to tell the story that an object wants to tell, to capture the harmony and constructive ability of a particular, to look for beauty in unexpected places.